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In this course you'll learn how to dial in sidechain compression to make your kick drums explode through the mix. You'll also do some creative sidechain ducking on instruments and FX to create that rhythmic pumping effect.

By the end you'll have a working knowledge of how to setup sidechain compression and get your low end sounding super-clean and powerful. You'll also have a much better understanding of how compressors work, which will help many other aspects of your mixing process.

Best of all, this revolutionary Session Lesson® tutorial gives you an interactive experience where you learn by doing hands-on activities right inside Live!  

Want your kick drums to hit heavy and deep like pro tracks? Get your head around this essential production technique in the sidechain compression clinic.

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Course Curriculum

Take a look at the Lessons list below to see what you'll be learning in these hands-on activities.

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  • Quick Start Guide [PDF]

  • How To Open A Session Lesson

  • How To Get Help

  • Join Us On Discord

  • How To Setup A Sidechain Compressor [SL]

  • How To Duck Your Bassline [SL]

  • Add Rhythm To Your Instruments [SL]

  • Make Your FX Pump and Swell [SL]

  • Intro To Compression: the problem we're solving

  • Sidechain Input Filter and EQ

  • Technical vs. Creative Compression

  • Attack, Release and Threshold Tips

  • How To Sidechain A New Sound [PDF]

  • Sidechain Sound Design Tips

  • Review: What We Did [PDF]

  • Test Your Knowledge

  • Course Evaluation Feedback

  • Share Your Work On Discord!