Learn By Doing It

In this hands-on course you'll learn how to EQ the sounds we commonly use in electronic music. That means EQ'ing kick drums, basslines, subs, drums, instruments and vocals to make your mix snap into focus.  

These revolutionary Session LessonĀ® tutorials give you an interactive learning experience where you hear instructions, watch examples and then do activities to learn about EQ's and Filters -- right inside guided Ableton Live Projects.  

By the end you'll have a working knowledge of how to identify problems in your track's frequency range, and fix them using EQ.  

Transform your music from sounding amateur to projecting that Pro sound, with crisp highs, buttery mids and the hard-hitting low end thump we need to hear!

Start Learning To EQ

This course is currently closed for new students. If you're interested in taking it, please sign up here and we'll get you started with some background info about EQ'ing. When it's ready for the next group of students, we will be sure to let you know.  Thanks for your interest!



Course Curriculum

Take a look at the Lessons list below to see what you'll be learning in these hands-on EQ activities.

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  • How To Download The Presets

  • Ableton Production Template

  • How To Get Help

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  • EQ and Filter Types Project [Session Lesson]

  • EQ and Filter Types Guide [VIDEO]

  • The Frequency Landscape [PDF]

  • The Secrets of Spectrum Analyzer [VIDEO]

  • Frequency And Pitch Chart [PDF]

  • The Frequency Sweep Technique [Session Lesson]

  • Basic EQ Cuts Project [Session Lesson]

  • EQ Workflow Tips and Techniques [VIDEO]

  • How To EQ Your Drums [Session Lesson]

  • How To EQ Your Drums [VIDEO]

  • How To EQ Your Instruments [Session Lesson]

  • How To EQ Your Instruments [VIDEO]

  • The Equalization Spreadsheet [PDF]

  • Choosing The Right Type Of EQ [Session Lesson]

  • How To Choose The Right Preset [VIDEO]

  • Sub-Bass Project 1 [SL]

  • Sub-Bass Project 2 [SL]

  • Sub-Bass Project 3 [SL]

  • How To EQ Your Sub-Bass [VIDEO]

  • Female Vocals Project 1 [SL]

  • Female Vocals Project 2 [SL]

  • How To EQ Vocals [VIDEO]

  • Course Evaluation Questions

  • Share Your Mixes