Learn By Doing It

In this course you'll learn how to take an 8-bar loop and turn it into a complete track with the buildups, peaks and drops that make us love music.

We do it all in Session View, where Ableton is at its best, and you get to learn by doing hands-on activities right inside Live. 

Here's a sneak preview of one Session Lesson tutorial from the course.  They're super cool!

Stay Inspired With Us

Escape the 8-Bar Loop is currently closed for new students. If you're interested in taking this course, please sign up here.  We'll send you a few emails to learn more about it and keep you inspired until it's ready.  When the time comes for you to join, we'll let you know!



Course Curriculum

Take a look at the Lesson list below to see the mouth-watering lessons and activities we do in this course.  

  • 3 Videos

  • 1 Quiz

  • 1 Worksheet

  • 1 File

  • Quick Start Guide [VIDEO]

  • How To Use Session View

  • How To Open A Session Lesson

  • From Loops to Phrases

  • Variation and Repetition: Audio

  • Variation and Repetition: MIDI

  • Principles of Composition [PDF]

  • Capture and Insert Technique

  • What Goes In The Drop?

  • The Legato Switch

  • Scenes and Song Sections

  • Transitions, Sweeps and Risers

  • Drum Fills and Cymbals

  • Return FX

  • Controllers and Keyboard Mappings

  • Aux + Mute Technique [Dub Mixing]

  • Prep to Record

  • Performing into the Arrangement

  • Post-Recording Jewelry

  • Quick Mix and Export

  • Principles of Composition [PDF]

  • Bleeps & Sweeps FX Rack [.alp]

  • The Hypnotizor FX Rack

  • Crash Cymbals Drum Rack [.alp]

  • Master Channel FX Rack

  • What To Put In The Drop [PDF]

  • Emotional Energy In Your Music [PDF]

  • Course Overview [PDF]

  • Course Evaluation Questions

  • Share Your Work With Us!