What's Inside

Welcome to the Custom Ableton Racks collection. These easy-to-use production tools will help you create exciting tracks full of the buildups, peaks and drops that make people love your music.

You'll find a collection of MIDI Instruments, Audio FX and Mix Tools ready for you to dial in and create your own original sound that people instantly recognize.

These Racks make it easy by giving you the most important controls that bring it to life.  All you have to to is load one up and start playing with it, to dial in a special vibe that makes it sound like your own.

Synth Instruments

Sculpt a sub-bass part to anchor the harmony of your track. Float an ambient pad through the midrange that morphs over time.  Add an Arp Lead synth.  Play with a glitchy Drum Rack.

These Racks give you MIDI Instruments that inspire new music, and they're all designed so you can tweak them right away to create an organic buildup that grows out of the sound.

Bass and Sub Racks

Go deep, dark and heavy with these low-end bassline rollers.  Some of them are for pure sub bottom.  Some are for midrange stereo bass action.  Try them all and you won't be disappointed.

FX Racks

These FX Racks are all about modulation. Use them to generate massive washes of sound that build up and take your music over the top.  

Guaranteed to change your background atmosphere from bland & boring into a vibrant sonic landscape that feels fresh every time you hear it. 

They give you a quick recipe for dubbed-out hypnotic tracks that will take your listeners away. And that's only the beginning.

Mix Tools

Otherwise known as channel strips, these Racks are designed to make mixing easy.  

Each one puts the audio engineering tools in the right order so you can bring out the best of your sounds, without cluttering up your mix.

Speed up your mixdown process and export crisp, heavy tracks a lot quicker -- so you can share them and feel proud of how good they sound.

Bonus Template

We went one step farther and included a free production template in the collection, to give you a place where you can drop in your Racks and start making music.

It's setup with the channels in place to make a mix if you have audio stems ready, or you can drop in MIDI instruments and create something new.  Then add the FX you like on the Returns.

Try A Free One

Want to see how much fun these are?

Take the DubVerb Flanger FX Unit right now and play with it free.  After that, you know where to get more like it!


Get The Whole Collection

The Custom Ableton Racks collection includes 27+ Racks and it's growing constantly. Take a look at the list below to see the full contents and installation instructions. 

New ones are being added every month and you'll get them all free when they arrive. 

Stop being overwhelmed by a million options, and start having fun with great-sounding Racks that make it easy to get your own unique sound that people recognize.


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