Solve Your Mix Problems

If you make electronic music with Ableton Live and you're struggling with your mixdowns, this is the solution for you. 

Make Space For Bass gives you a detailed, guided strategy for mixing so you can make your tracks drop deep, heavy bass every time. 

And the best part is, you learn by doing hands-on activities inside Live, with revolutionary guided Session LessonĀ® tutorials.

Check out the Curriculum below to see how the course leads you through structured, organized lessons that make it easy to apply what you're learning right away.

What Else Do You Get In This Program?

In addition to the revolutionary hands-on lessons which you download from this site, Make Space For Bass also includes high-level support to make sure you make progress.

First, you get progress tracking in this site so you always know exactly where you are in the course.

Second, you get weekly coaching emails to keep you motivated and answer anything you need help with.

Third, you get personal Track Feedback on Discord, where you can post your mixes and receive detailed comments that show you what to focus on.

Take a look at the Lessons below, then visit the signup page for full info and checkout.


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  • How To Open A Live Pack

  • How To Get Help

  • Join Us On Discord

  • Roadmap: What We're Going To Do

  • Terms you need to know [VIDEO]

  • Tools you need to know [VIDEO]

  • Download Lesson One - Individual Channels

  • What Is Gain Staging?

  • Download Lesson Two - Basic Mix Techniques

  • Where To Set Your Kick Drum Level

  • Download Lesson Three - Stereo Groups

  • Rules For Sub-Mixes

  • Download Lesson Four - Advanced Routing and FX

  • How To Manage Large Projects

  • What's in this Unit?

  • Download: Mix Templates

  • Download: Audio Effect Racks

  • Terms you need to know [PDF]

  • Eight Great Mix Tools [PDF]

  • Ten Step Mixdown Process [PDF]

  • Stereo Export Checklist [PDF]

  • Course Evaluation