Learn By Doing It

In this course you'll learn how to design your own sounds from scratch using Ableton's Operator synth. We'll crack open this beast to make sub-bass instruments, pads, leads and all sorts of dynamic sounds that evolve over time.

By the end you'll have a solid understanding of synthesis including Oscillators, Filters, ADSR Envelopes, LFO modulators and more.

Best of all, this revolutionary Session LessonĀ® tutorial gives you an interactive experience where you learn by doing hands-on activities right inside Live!  

Want to unlock your imagination and design original sounds that grab people's ear?  This is the course for you.

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Course Curriculum

Take a look at the Lessons list below to see what you'll be learning in these hands-on activities.

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  • How To Open A Session Lesson

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  • Oscillator Waveforms [VIDEO]

  • Oscillator Activities [Session Lesson]

  • Filter Types [VIDEO]

  • Filter Activities [Session Lesson]

  • ADSR Envelopes Explained [VIDEO]

  • ADSR Envelope Activities [Session Lesson]

  • The Low Frequency Oscillator [VIDEO]

  • LFO Activities [Session Lesson]

  • The Ableton Arpeggiator [VIDEO]

  • Arpeggiator Activities [Session Lesson]

  • Dynamic Range [VIDEO]

  • Mixer Activities [Session Lesson]

  • Layering Sounds

  • FM synthesis

  • Course Evaluation Questions

  • Share Your Sounds With Us!